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Haim Cohen

My path as a Chef started long before I was aware of it,
as a child taking pleasure in a mother’s kitchen – who was a wonderful cook.

It was my mother who imprinted in me the appreciation and commitment to quality raw materials as the basis of every dish or course.

I believe that food is the way to reach people’s hearts. Food is not only a survival need, but is also a source of comfort, a way to express love and passion, food connects people and cultures.

This is what I do in “Yaffo-Tel Aviv” - bringing the unpretentious food to its good old place in the center of the table, and bringing together the old and the new. 

Events & Celebrations

unforgettable event

We love to entertain and treat every event as if it were our own.

We’ll go above and beyond to make you and your guests happy.  

The restaurant has two main spaces. Every space provides various entertaining experiences, according to the type of occasion and number of guests invited.  

The restaurant’s main space brings people together at a large and festive sharing table or smaller tables joined together for the event. The restaurant’s main space is suitable for entertaining large group events – also available are a music stand, a screen, decorations and anything that creates a pleasant and joyful atmosphere. 

The bar-kitchen space is an intimate space for delicious meals and events for those who really want to get a feel of the culinary experience. Sitting at the bar combines the intimacy of being up close to Chef Haim Cohen, the cooks and your guests. Sitting around our open plan kitchen gives you a sneak peek at the uncompromising quality of the restaurant’s kitchen and cooking in action.




Haim Cohen Cooking community is a supportive community of people revolving all about food, entertaining, memories, experiences, kitchen tips, personal stories... the cooks’ community is a communal domain of doing and passion for the kitchen and all that’s related to it. Every week, Haim Cohen uploads to the cooks’ community new recipes, videos, questions, tips, stories. You are welcome to become active participants and take part in our cooks’ community with Haim Cohen. 

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Cooks, waiters, hostesses, bartenders and shift managers

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